Tinkering Toddlers

Tinkering Toddlers Structured Playgroup and Curriculum

Play. Learn. Socialize.

Tinkering Toddlers is a curriculum for toddlers 18 months to 3ish in age who are curious and active.  The curriculum includes activities for language/literacy development, art, science, and movement.  Our group meets once a week for about an hour, sometimes longer depending on how the kiddos are doing.  Each month long (4 week) session includes a weekly theme and 4 activities with step-by-step directions for how to set-up and complete the activity.  We end with some social play where kids can choose what they want to do.

Important Info:

When: Wednesday, February 7, 14, 21, 28th, 2018 from 3:30-4:30pm
Where: Marina Vista Park (same location)
LAST DAY to REGISTER: Wednesday, January 31, 2018 (8 student minimum required for class to be held, so tell your friends and register early!)
How Much? $10 per child, per class (cash in person or https://paypal.me/LisaPrins
Register HERE or below: https://goo.gl/forms/PDaXaJDrq6S2RCCJ3

Praise for the Tinkering Toddlers Classes

Lisa takes lots of time planning each week and activity. Making it special, educational and exciting for the kids. Her enthusiasm always draws my son in to the activities and I especially love the bonding time I get to have with my son. My son is so proud of the art work he has hanging on our frig next to his brothers. 
          -Nikki P.
It's a really great, low key way to both meet and converse with adults, while allowing your child to interact with other kids, play and learn. It's fun for mom & toddler! 
          -Skye K.
I like how "friendly" and "easy going" the classes are as opposed to other classes I've taken which seem too rigid for this age group. It makes it easy to try new things, because everything is done in a non-intimidating manner. 
My child has grown and learned so much each week! Even if he can't focus in class, we've been able to bring home some materials and without the distraction of other children and fun stations, he immediately remembers the project and is able to complete it with minimal help. I'm so impressed and appreciative of Lisa's creativity, enthusiasm and the hard work that is put into the materials each week. 
          -Jaime B.
I love the classes and your creativity.
          -Natasha O.
I like be how they use all motor skills and enjoy fun things that they haven't been exposed to. All stuff I can do at home that I actually never thought of for me with them! All projects completely affordable to do at home! 
-Faith R.

Can't Play With Us? 

Find some friends in your neighborhood and set up your own playgroup!

Tinkering Toddlers Growing Bundle 

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