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Jackson with mom and dad at age 1
Jackson (age 1), my husband, Bryan, and myself.
Thank you so much for stopping by my website! Since 2007, I taught elementary school in primarily urban school districts across California, Arizona, and Texas. This included fifth, sixth, reading intervention, and instructional coaching. My husband's job has landed us back in southern California and we are both thrilled to be here.
Jackson at 29 months.
My son's very early arrival (10 weeks premature and only 2 pounds 11 ounces!!!) helped us prioritize what was most important and at that moment and it was baby Jackson's health and development. Teaching as I have known it has changed from 50 fifth graders to a class of one with a whole new curriculum.  With this change, I'm loving all of what being a mama is about!   This blog, my store, teaching Tinkering Toddler classes, and connecting with you is what is going to help me keep my teaching passion alive.  I look forward to engaging in stimulating conversations about the thing we love most, children.

Lisa Prins, M.A.T.

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