Designing Effective Upper Elementary Math Lessons With the Intervention Student in Mind

Learn how to utilize the gradual release model to effectively scaffold instruction for all students and, in particular, the students that typically need intervention.

How do you design math lessons that are sure to reach your students that typically need intervention?  One way that I have found is extreme success with is using the gradual release model (Douglas Fisher).  Students need structure, repeated practice, and the opportunity to show that they have learned and can do the work independently.  I typically refer to this approach as the "I Do, We Do, You Do" model and it is a way to provide a scaffold to those students that need a little more help.


5 Painless Ways to Teach Toddlers Colors

Here are five creative, hands-on ways to teach your toddler the basic colors!

Teaching Toddlers Colors

Working with your toddler to identify colors doesn't have to be an awful task.  Here are some creative, hands-on ways to teach and reinforce color identification and sorting.  Kids learn best by doing and what better way to get involved in the learning process than by getting your hands on it, literally.  The following are a few ways to make learning how to identify colors concrete and fun!