The Great Cookie Exchange & Giveaway

Making cookies with your students is a great way to connect math and real-world problems.  Try hosting The Great Cookie Exchange this year!

The couple weeks between Thanksgiving and Winter Break can some times cause you to want to pull your hair out!  You have a zillion and one things to get done and no time.  This can often cause the holiday cheer to be wiped from your face.  I have a solution that is sure to bring that smile back to your face.  I mean who doesn't love cookies and free things?!?!


Thanksgiving Turkey Craft, Just for Fun!

A simple way to document child growth over time and celebrate Thanksgiving!  I make color copies and then send to the relatives who live out of state.  Happy Thanksgiving from Hookster's Ideas!

I love doing little crafts to decorate for the holidays and also to document my son's growth too.  Being a mom of a preemie, I can tell you on any given day how much my son weighs since that has been a constant battle for him since day one.  Today for example,  he weighs 21 pounds 6.4 oz.  So maybe I find more pleasure in his little feet and hands than others, but I love finding cute ways to document his growth over time, cuter than my crazy spreadsheet.  Yes, I have one.