Before You Do Anything Crazy, Read On!

EDITABLE daily and weekly behavior charts by Hookster's Ideas that help you get even the most unruly behavior under control!
Bad behavior can kill your Pinterest perfect lesson in no time.  I know we all have spent countless hours lesson planning only to have your lesson ruined by one little one who will remain nameless!  Before you do something CRAZY, read on!  I can help!

Establish No More Than 5 Behavior Goals

If you have an RTI (Response to Intervention) team, this would be a great place to start.  If you are going at this solo, I highly recommend you reach out to a colleague that you admire the way he/she manages behavior and get some input.  Brainstorm the top 5 behaviors you wish he/she would change or do differently.  Then determine if you want the behavior goal be meet daily (more severe) or weekly (less severe).

Student Led Conferences: Primary vs. Upper Elementary

Understanding What I know Primary SLC Checklists
Upper Elementary students benefit from reviewing their portfolios and choosing work samples that highlight their strengths and areas for improvement.
There is no getting around it.  Planning is essential to helping students succeed during their conference.  They need to know what specifically they are good at and what they can improve on.   This requires more guidance and structure for younger students and should probably be done in a small group or individual conference.  Checklists are helpful at the primary level and portfolio analysis is necessary with older students.