How to WRITE and REACH your 2016 goals

Fanily goalsAs the confetti settles and we face the bitter fact that winter break is coming to an end and we can't binge on Netflix all day, most of us start reflecting on the prior year and how we can change for the better for the new year ahead. Making new year's resolutions is common place, but this usually translates into lofty, unrealistic ideas that we would love to accomplish, but usually by the first week of the new year have gone out the window!  Instead of setting resolutions, I try to focus on realistic goals for myself, my class (when I'm teaching), and my business. Winter break is a natural stopping point, just like the beginning of the year, so why not reflect on the goals set at the beginning of the year and set new ones for the year to come.  I set deadlines to meet these goals and have checkpoints throughout that period of time to make sure that I am in fact on my way to meeting that goal. I recommend that you go through this process yourself before trying to teach your kiddos to do this.  Then you will have an example to show and hold them accountable too.  Below is the process that I follow to set goals for myself.